After Your Procedure

Post-Procedure Care

After your procedure, you will be taken back to your suite. There, you will be monitored and given time to recover. The length of time spent in your suite will depend on the type of procedure you had. When it is time to leave, a staff member will go over instructions on how to take care of yourself at home. You may also be given prescriptions that you will need to have filled. If you need assistance getting to your car, a staff member will help you out.

We recommend that patients take it easy for the first few days following a procedure. Feeling tired and minor discomfort are both normal immediately following your procedure.

Be sure to keep all post-procedure appointments that you have with your vascular surgeon.

If you have questions after your procedure, please call Midlands Vascular and Interventional at (605)217-5617


Do not drive or operate machinery on the day of your procedure.